This site by Hirosato Matsuura , domain "" mainly start with my (out) projects related 'open-science' .

now handle 2 contents,
  • related 'open-science' and 'free' publishing, cost free permanent URI to indicate someones works (mainly academic works) like but free of charge ..
    ideas are called 'd0i' , 'NO-ISBN' , 'NO-ISSN' (, '' , '' ) . ideas include how people can be free from 'publishing' , 'academic papers' (of course I know and respect arXive like projects etc.) .
  • Hirosato who also create ideas about originally, landing from my short domain (URL) , with this 5 characters(0-i-.-p-t) , people now easyly what "I" do/did . (< )

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Hirosato Matsuura

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blog in this domain with new "contents generate system" .

松浦弘智 Hirosato Matsuura の 短縮ドメイン/サイトです。d0i というサービスも兼ねています。

ソフトウェアエンジニア(普段はLinux上でPHP, Javaなどを使用)。


Hirosato Matsuura 松浦弘智 [João] 

Software Engineer(using PHP, Java on Linux )。

Japanese, born in 1970, Japan, live in Brasil from 2019.

main profile portal , academic profile